Dish cloths

I still have at least 20 towels to go – 10 towels split in 2 to make a total of 20. To give myself a break, I started on the dish cloths. So far, I prefer to crochet them instead of knitting. It took me much less time. But I have more experience in crochet.

The first cloth I did was a Harry Potter theme. The pattern can be found for free on Ravelry

I think the next time I do this, I’m going to write down what I need to do on each row, so that I don’t have to stop knitting and count how many knit or purl stitches I need to do for the pattern.  I think that’ll make it easier.  It will make it so I don’t have the mistake I see on the top of the hat.


The second dish cloth I also found on Ravelry. This was not a free pattern. She sells them on Etsy at or Ravelry at

This pattern had each row written out, sc2, ps (puff stitch), etc. It made things a whole lot easier for me to track each row.

I’ve already started on my 3rd dish cloth though I don’t have any pictures. Yet. These are nice and quick patterns to work with. I can get at least 2 out of a skein of I Love This Cotton as well.

My 3rd dish cloth is from Ravelry.

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