Projects galore

I’ve been wanting to start writing more, and I’ve had a lot of crochet and knit projects that are getting forgotten while I’m writing blog posts. I figured it’d be best to combine both and blog about my crochet projects.

I’ve got three projects that are started that need to be finished.  I finished a fourth earlier this week.  The biggest project is at my mom’s request last year. She asked that I make her towels with crocheted toppers to hang in her kitchen. When she asked that, I decided I wanted some for myself as well, since my towels tend to wander off. Or one of the three other people living in the house takes off with it. I have at least 10 towels to cut in half, stitch up and crochet the topper onto. I bought buttons last year to put on them, so I can finish them once I get them started.

My first project this weekend is to finish the afghan I’m making. It’s a simple ripple afghan and it’s about 80% complete.  I have about 1.5 more sets of rows left before I run out of yarn. That will be plenty big enough. My kids have already asked if we get to keep it or if I’m going to send it to someone like I did the afghan I made last year for my mom.  When I post it, I’ll post a link to the pattern, with my notes on what I did differently.

The next project is to start on the towel toppers. I’ve been having trouble finding a pattern I like, so I am combining several. Once I do that, I’ll post the pattern I’m using.

Those will be Christmas presents. I have other presents in the works. Some of them will be purchased patterns, others won’t.

For my next project after the towel toppers, I’m going to make some hot pads and bobble dish cloths. I’m actually looking at some that can be found on Etsy and Ravelry – and but I don’t want the cuss words for the presents, as they won’t go over as well in the family, unless possibly with my sister.  I’m tempted to see if I can sell any on my Etsy store, which I will link to eventually.  For myself, I have some geek ones to make, but I’ll have to switch to knit for them.  Those are here – That will be a nice challenge, since I’ve never knit a dish cloth.  I know I have the knitting needles, since I received a bunch of knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as a half finished knitted dish cloth from my husband’s grandfather when his grandmother died.

I do need to find projects for hats and scarves for my sister’s family, and possibly see what else I can make.  Two boys will have similar but not identical hats and scarves, plus the same for my kids, and I want to make some to give away to the local homeless shelter. I need about 40 for that, since they’ll go through them and then some. That will use up some of my yarn stash that I have no other use for.

I also have a crocheted autumn wreath started that I’d like to finish to hang up at work. I have the stuff to make a purse for myself, with the exception of the zipper, which I’ll need to buy. I need to find patterns for Christmas stockings for my two. I have a graph for a stocking for my daughter, but I don’t know what my son wants. I’ve got way too much to do and not enough time considering I spend too much time reading and watching TV.

The last project is snuggle sacks for my kids and my nephews. They may not be as popular now as they were several years ago, but I know they’d go over well. My kids always sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket, so I know they’ll get used.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more projects, and that’ll help me keep the blog going for sure. In the meantime, it’s good to be started.

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