Yarn haul

I’ve got at least 3 cones of Peaches & Cream cotton and a bunch of the 2.5 oz skeins of the Sugar & Cream (I may be a bit of a hoarder). I wasn’t sure how that yarn would work for the dishcloth patterns that I’ve been wanting to do.

Tonight, I stopped at Hobby Lobby with a $10 limit to buy some I Love This Cotton or another mercerized cotton to use for knitting and crocheting dishcloths. I was able to get 9 skeins for $11.02.  I cleaned them out of the cotton yarn they had on clearance.  The CSR or manager who is always up front said they don’t mess around with clearance items any more. They mark them all the way down.

Two of the skeins were black, but it doesn’t matter to me, I’ll use them for my own dishcloths, or one of the pot holder patterns I found. I’m not sure how many dishcloths I’ll be able to make out of each skein, but I think it was a good buy. Depending, I may need more yarn, as I will need to do at least 4 dishcloths for everyone on my list.

Tonight, I’ll start working on the towel toppers, and I’ll take pictures of my process.

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