A toque (hat) of DK yarn

My job got very stressful. I took time off anything that relaxed me except for reading because that would occupy my mind and help with the stress when not at work.

Friday 11/12/21 was my last day at the job I took in 2019. They decided to move the job to the plant again and this time they had someone to take the job. I have 20 weeks of severance and the time to start making money with web writing for business websites.

Today I’ve been listening to podcasts on where to find clients and working on a toque (using the Canadian and Northern Vermont definition of knit hat) my daughter asked me to make her.

I found the pattern at http://www.ballstothewallsknits.com/2015/10/build-your-own-dk-weight-hat.html?m=1

I’ve been making a few changes like not making the brim so wide but this is how much I got done in one afternoon. Not bad if I do say so myself.

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